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Treasure hunt

I decided to post one more story in response to high points it the story section received in the poll. Here it is.

Every other week we have an event at the UofM. It is called "Coffee hour". It is a nice place to meet new people and friends from different countries. We do not go there often since we are quite busy with our course work and research. But this time we decided to go. Especially because two of our friends (Yulya and Lena) work on the coffee hour team now.

As we came there we were asked to sign up for different games. I was not very eager to play, but Lisa convinced me to sign up. After that the organizer were calling out 6 names from the list and what do you think who have they called? Of course me. Lisa was not called but fortunately couple of the people who were refused (they were afraid) to play. Finally we had our team of 6 people. These brave members were me, Lisa, Stefan, Yukari, Diana and Jiaying. So, Russia, Austria, Japan, Palestina, Ireland and China were represented. And only then they (the organizers) explained the rules to us. In fact we had to run all over the place (not only that building but also the area around) and look for "clues". Clues were basicly directions written on the "A4" page (folded) and attached to the walls, tabels, doors, signes and even to a fire hydrant. I was assigned to be the captain (of course), thanks to Lisa. And that was the most important step towards the victory.

In this game captain's work is quite important since you want to do it as quickly as possible and you have 6 people. So the captain has to stop any disagreement and make the decision. My style was quite dictative. I was making decisions really fast before any one suggested something different. And I also had nice members. No one was upset.

So we went very fast through the campus until we met an obstacle. It seemed to be impossible to overcome it. In fact one of the pages was blown away by the wind. And the best we could do was that it was blown away to the bottom of a deep well in the middle of a plaza between the Musics and some other building. From the top it seemed that there are no doors leading to the well but there were some windows. I'm not the kind of person who might be stopped by something like this and I made a decision in a small fraction of second. I've split our group into two equal parts. Myself, Diana and Yukary we went to explore the Musics building in search for the way to the well and Lisa, Stefen and Jiaying went to the other building. I set up meeting time and place to be in five minutes at the plaza. At this step I made a mistake - I haven't named the leader of the second group. So we were missing them for good 10 minutes at least.

My group have take the right path pretty soone after we started, so in couple of minutes we reached musics library that had windows and even a glass door to the well. The library was closing but the two guys who were there let us go to the well. We easily found the page and went to the meeting point. But since the other people were not there we continued our search for further instructions. Later we found out that they have also reached the library at the end and these two guys were still there. And they did the same thing as we - they asked these people to let them enter the well. You can imagine how these guys were surprized when the second group of crazy people were willing to enter the well. Finally we reunited before our two or three last clues.

As a result we've won free movie tickets for any movie we want. And finally yesterday we went to watch the Farenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore.

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