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I was born on December 31, 1979 in Moscow. I graduated from Moscow school #163 and from MIPT school by Correspondence in 1996 and was admitted to MIPT the same year. During my third semester in February 1998 I joined the Theoretical seminar at ITEP and was in ITEP since that time. In 2002 I got my Masters degree. My thesis was about resolution of singularities in Hitchin systems. At the same time I was preparing my MS thesis (9 days before the defence) I met my wife Lisa. And we got married on April 19, 2003.

Since then I was working on the topic of my MS thesis further and it is still not finished. Now I'm doing my PhD in High Energy Physics at the University of Minnesota. And this is my second year here. The topic of my research is Large Extra Dimensions. I would also like to mention my teachers. In fact, I'm really thankfull to all of them. But I'm not going to do this. I will return to this point when I will be satisfied with the results of my research. I'd like also to thank all of my friends and of course my family. Both here in US and back home. I miss you a lot.

I enjoy communication with different people and teaching. I started with teaching my sister. I do not know if I was very efficient (it seems that I was successful). I was teaching at MIPT school by Correspondence in 1996, then I was helping with organizing some summer/winter schools starting from year 2000. I also served as a referee at the Physics tournament (PhysBoi, Turnir Kolmogorova)  for several times. In 2002 I was participating in teaching Mathematical Analysis in an experimental class of high school students. Then in 2003 I was teaching first year MIPT students (and that was my best experiences). Ocasionally I gave some small seminars for younger students at ITEP. At the UofM I was teaching Phys 2303 (Physics of Matter), Phys 1001 (Energy and the Environement), Phys 1202 (Introductory Physics for Biology and Pre-medicine) and now I'm teaching Phys 1301 (Introductory Physics for Science and Engineering I). This experience is much different from my experience at MIPT. This was it about teaching.

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